Our Commitment to the Environment PDF Print E-mail

sustainabilityUKBS Plc is concerned about the environment within which we operate. We recognise and accept the responsibility to practice good operating procedures that will incorporate sound environmental procedures. Our Environmental Management Policy is a cornerstone in our commitment to provide the latest innovations in technology to our clients and to protect the environment in which we work.

We respect all environmental laws, regulations, and governmental policies and are constantly developing our employees understanding of their responsibilities regarding environmental issues. We continually review our processes to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and to maintain our environmental commitments and adapt and promote procedures to incorporate the "reduce, reuse, recycle and recover" principals on our project sites. 

UKBS Plc stresses that all individuals in the workplace, at all levels and job functions, must accept their responsibility in ensure our success. We are committed to providing the necessary support to ensure that all employees can help achieve the objectives within the policy commitment.

Our environmental goal is to manage business processes, reducing potential impacts to a practicable minimum.  The organisation is committed to operating an Environmental system that satisfies the requirements of ISO 14001 and maintaining continuous improvement of our performance targets.