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UKBS draw on the highest calibre of skills and are able to offer Building Services / Mechanical & Electrical design consultancy throughout our UK and Ireland offices.

The M&E Building Services Division aims to offer our clients a fresh and modern approach to the design of building services.

We recognise the importance of the finished working environment and the impact it has on those using the building.  Through the harnessing of our in own in-house strengths to new and existing technologies, we aim to deliver a high quality service and finished product that more than meets the needs of our clients.  With innovation and foresight we believe that we can help produce modern, sustainable and easily maintained buildings within the increasingly tight budgets and timescales set by our clients.

We aim to provide a proactive rather than a reactive level of service and at every stage in the service we contribute fully to identifying and solving the innumerable problems that arise throughout the duration of any building contract, whether briefing, financial, legal, specification, programming, etc.

We at UKBS recognise that all Design Teams should attempt to create synergy for the enhancement of the professional service to the client.  We are of the opinion that synergy can be achieved by establishing and maintaining good personal and positive line of communication between the Design Team members. The in-house Multi-Disciplinary Service that we can provide encourages open dialogue between members, rather than each member executing his service in a vacuum with minimum rather than maximum team involvement.  Our ability to offer a complete in-house service ensures good and close relationships within the Design Team, producing projects that are delivered within budget and on time, thereby maximising the value of the investment to our client.